Cybonix – Automobile Maintenance Application

A Complete Automobile Maintenance Application with has many features like – Customer, Vehicle, Invoices/WO/Estimates (with only the view options), data to be shared across locations. Separate information to be maintained within different database locations, with certain shared information modules. **Invoice history (when viewed as customer vehicle history) need a restriction of viewing based on province. Dealing with all VIN#, License plate and Customer/client changes/updates cases and many more.


Xapox – Human Resource Management Application

It is a comprehensive, cost effective HR Solution for small to mid-size business organizations. It allows you to select from a rich array of modules to suit your requirements and budgets. A complete solution for managing employee and employment information for staffing Agencies.


Edovu – Institute & School Administration Application

It is a comprehensive, cost effective school and institute management system. It allows role-based security support that is flexible and extensible enough to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of Business requirements. User management provides role based security to assure the proper data integrity. Administrator can grant the privileges to users based on their role.


Trucking360 – Single Sign on Dashboard for trucking Companies

It is a comprehensive, cost effective trucking management system.


Workplex – Employee Productivity Audit thru Network Security

Workplex is a near real-time, continuous employee productivity assessment (and Audit) system with network security. It helps Organizations to “Knowing without Probing”. “Understanding (Employees) without Asking” and “Securing/Protecting without Spraying”.



SO WIFI enables your business to understand your guests inside and out, and provides a marketing platform to reach out to them directly. With SO WIFI you can extract information from your own visitors, guests and passersby, so that you can increase profitability, and make informed decisions that can take your business to the next level.

The digital SO WIFI platform allows you to advertise to your visitors both online and offline, conduct highly relevant market research, and generate more revenue out of any location-based business model. It’s the ideal solution for retail, hospitality, small business, airports, taxis or special venues like museums and sports arenas.



If your business has vehicles and other assets to manage, you know that having visibility into where they are, utilization, and overall efficient operations is hard to get right. But yet it is a critical aspect of an efficient, profitable business.

CloudHawk is an innovative and trusted GPS tracking solution for monitoring vehicles, fleets, trailers, cargo and equipment.

With the ability to maintain a constant GPS signal on vehicles and assets while well concealed, CloudHawk provides valuable operational information, real-time visibility, and peace of mind. And it is accessible anytime, on any browser or any mobile device.


Beacon Solution

Beacons can have a powerful influence on purchases, app engagement and retention, and customer experience. You, as a retailer, need to use this technology to your advantage to stay abreast of the demands of today’s business and of competition.

For retailers, beacons can prove to be an effective advertising tool that boosts the power of personalization, provides insightful data and increases app engagement and retention. They are also cost-effective and easy to adopt and have proven benefits in relation to retail businesses where they are currently being utilized the most.

Bluetooth beacons are low energy devices that broadcast signals at regular intervals. These signals are understood by portable devices located in the vicinity such as smartphones, tablets or others. Beacons can then influence the portable devices to act in a certain way.



Today’s dynamic enterprise environment requires smarter communication solution for diversified roles of employees. Flexible device usage and round-the-clock connectivity is the need of the hour for the mobile workforce in order to have consistent in-office experience while working from home, between appointments or while on the move. Increasing competition, flexible work places and timings give rise to the need for more collaborative communication solutions for in-office and mobile workforce. With Collaboration and Mobility as the key aspects of business communications, the term ’Unified Communication’ has been evolved.