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Web Services Consultancy Ontario

A majority of website design and development, and content creation services are outsourced to get affordable and great quality outputs. Get the best solutions in website services through outsourcing.

Outsourcing of website services includes the following and more.

There are several other things that add professional touches to your website, such as:

Web- Design

Making your website more attractive. There are several ways to add professional touches to your website. Web Services Consultancy include the following:

  • Static web design
  • Dynamic web design
  • Website re-design
  • Provision of mini-sites to act as brochure pages, sales and sales support pages and catalog pages
  • Animated product demonstration facilitations
  • Animated animal life presentations for zoo websites and whatever else that powerful imagination and talent can procure for you

Graphics supporting the text :

This involves giving out statistical facts through graphs, using graphics, etc. For presenting estimates, results of research or surveys, usually, graphs are used. Images that support various important points in the text are what make every word speak out.

Web content creation

Website content is an important aspect of website services. Designing can impress visitors/customers to some extent, but to maintain their interest, the content plays an important role. Outsourcing firms take care of every minute detail:

Structuring of information:

This entails preparing a flow-chart, a list; marking areas of priority and secondary materials needed.

Collecting the most relevant, effective and informative content:
This includes research, data collection and review, and compilation and creation of precise text, which is inclusive of every major and minor detail of the subjects.

Meta Tags:

This entails preparing a précis or summary of everything on that webpage in 10-15 lines. Search engines read the ‘description’ as well as the ‘keyword’ meta tags. Some search engines perform indexing based on the ‘description’ meta tag text. This is an important Internet marketing tool.

Raming an outline:

This involves understanding the objectives, integration of the same with the customer and viewer requirements and philosophy, deciding the number of pages.


Editing the content is crucial. Proofreading precedes this.

Keywords tags:

These tags are used for hooking potential customers to your website using the right keywords.

Website development services
It include services like: ? Maintenance ? Shopping cart applications ? Complex database management ? Marketing tools ? E-commerce systems, and more ? Custom application services, Web hosting solutions

These are equally varied and functional. Some of the typical services include: ? Virtual hosting ? Secure hosting platforms ? Application web hosting ? E-commerce web hosting ? Shared hosting, creating ? Hosting of web-based control panel, etc.

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