See the money coming to your website with VX Free Web Analytics services.

We know the worth of your every dollar spent and to make it evident that you have invested it right, our web analytics services go along with you end-to- end. VX web analytics services are to enable you to fine tune your marketing strategy and to ensure overall success in optimization campaign. Keep an eye on your improved share of market, your return on investment and sales conversions with our web analytics system installed on your website for absolutely free.

What you get in our web analytics services?

VX web analytics services have been divided into two components:

off-siteOff-site web analytics

On-site web analytics.

Off-site web analytics services are rendered right in the beginning of the optimization campaign. Our off-site web analytics confer web measurement of SEO potential of your website before the implementation of optimization strategy. This analysis comprises study of full URL depth, Individual page’s PR, back-link count, traffic log analysis and web master setup.

On-site web analytics services incline upon tracking the foot paths of visitors on your website. This analysis includes detecting both drivers and conversions for example which landing page encourages your visitors to make a purchase and which landing pages need to be corroborated. Our experts keep watch on the performance of your website throughout the campaign and strategy is ameliorated in accordance.


What web analytics contributes to your website?

Web analytics keeps a watch on performance of your website on search engine along with measuring journey of visitors on your website.

With free web analytics program of VX you can:

  • Track visitor’s footfall on your website
  • Differentiate organic search from Pay Per Click
  • Relish accelerated sales conversions.

Can your business afford waiting any longer for this strong tool?

Understand the search report:

Know where your traffic is coming from: This is vital for any business to know how people are searching for a particular product or services. Analytics report about most potential keywords helps you to craft your strategy to boost worthy traffic to your website. Worthy traffic mean the visits which eventually turn into conversions.

Where your website stands for potent keywords: Our web analytics report will regularly keep you updated about the most potential and less potential keywords with their search volume. Search volume indicates how many people search through this keyword in a day. Our experts owe obligation to intimate you how visible your website is on search engines when someone searches with these keywords.

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We invite you to be vigilant upon our performance and watch the money coming to your website.
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