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Influence media with your web presence

Every month, millions of internet users from around the world visit Google news, Yahoo news or MSN news for getting updates on new products launched. People also trust these avenues to search information on an array of topics of their interest. It is the fact that people rely more upon Google NEWS and Yahoo news than BBC or CNN for attaining authentic information. Therefore it becomes vital for every online business to create an affirmed presence on these avenues to achieve your coveted prospects. With your strong presence on these rich sources of information you are not only enthralling the prospect audience but are presenting yourself in front of 98% of media representatives and journalists.
A well written and optimized press release can bring you the right exposure your business demands. Nevertheless you mark your presence among your competitors.

A sure shot formula to search engine promotion

At VX, we tend to work upon the strategy to make you perceived by your target audience when they search for the information. Our press releasing services are not targeted at demographics rather we write for audiences seeking services you offer. After thorough web analysis, we select the keywords which can anchor your target audience. The content of these press releases is written strategically constellating the selected keywords in balanced and natural manner.

The optimized search engine friendly content is distributed in variety of channels which help bringing you on front in the form of rankings. This content thus not only invited media attention but contributes to your brand promotion as well.

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What you relish with optimized press releasing

The online researches say that every press Releases attain 70 k views per release so press releasing has more potential of enhancing your visibility.

Your press releases are distributed on all main platforms preferred by the media thus automatically reach more than 100,000 media outlets, industry analysts, free lance journalists and newsrooms.
All major search engine and press releases services provider websites pick your press releases for publishing.
We keep on tracking the performance of every submission to assure that your company is acquiring the best exposure.
You are informed every time a media channel picks up your press release and places it in the first ten on any major search engine.
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