Engaging & Interactive Experiences. Brand building in a DIGITAL WORLD.

The Internet, and the web in particular, has opened new channels for businesses to acquire, influence and service their target audiences.

In this wired world, three disciplines are converging to connect businesses with their customers: brand, technology and usability. Each discipline plays a critical role in creating a compelling experience for members of a given target audience. Collectively, these disciplines influence a customer’s trust in a company’s products and services. We call this interaction the Digital Brand Experience.

Enter the Digital Enterprise

Combination of Internet technology and traditional business systems provides the communication infrastructure that links a company’s employees, suppliers, business partners and customers. Today’s leading companies understand that these technologies are tools that facilitate the flow of information. As information is processed and analyzed, it turns into knowledge that companies use to unleash the power and return on the Digital Enterprise investment.


Digital Enterprise:

  • Leverages information across the enterprise
  • Links the old with the new
  • Recognizes that more things are possible
  • Realizes the pace of business is relentless

Source: Forrester Research

The Digital Brand Experience

The Digital Brand Experience represents a customer’s collective brand experience in the digital world. Through the mix of brand, technology and usability, the Digital Brand Experience becomes the interface between a company’s products and services and its audience(s).
The particular mix of components that comprise the Digital Brand Strategy will vary according to the type of initiative. For example, the success of an intranet application may hinge directly upon usability rather than a fancy design or advanced use of technology. Conversely, transferring traditional aspects of brand to an Internet site or other new media is more than simply slapping up a corporate logo or product brochure. All components of the Digital Brand Experience need to be applied in a well-crafted strategy to create the proper user experience.

Many businesses find objective third-party consultation to be an effective adjunct to their own internal staff when embarking on an online branding initiative.


So what is the Digital Brand Experience all about?

  • It’s about audience(s)
  • It’s about personality
  • It’s about information an audience values
  • Developing the Digital Brand Experience

Recognizing the significant risk, and conversely, the tremendous opportunity that the Digital Brand Strategy represents will help companies make the necessary commitment to building a strong sense of trust and loyalty from its customers, employees and partners.

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