Outsourcing KPO Services :: Legal Services

Legal Administrative Solutions, Research and counsel form the crux of legal services outsourcing

Legal Administrative Solutions

  • Preparation of briefs, pleadings, motions, appeals and other litigation documents
  • Writing deposition summaries
  • Preparation of legal correspondence
  • Case studies work
  • Preparation of legal documents for corporate houses, real estate agents, tax firms, and other organizations
  • Preparation of wills and other documents for trust and/or estate owners
    Preparation of legal documents for intellectual property matters, bankruptcy issues, information technology/Internet cases, entertainment issues, environmental matters, healthcare cases and other legal practice areas
  • Electronic Document management work
  • Legal research

Some of the typical example includes:

  • Case history
  • Judgments
  • Legal queries
  • Legal Counsel
Outsourced legal counsel services for an in-house firm (with or without a legal department) or a legal firm, encompass most of the legal areas:

Antitrust, bankruptcy, construction, corporate, criminal, civil rights, employment and employee benefits, energy, entertainment, environment, family, government, healthcare, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, Internet/E-commerce, litigation, real estate, tax, telecommunications, trusts and estates and other areas.
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