Database Development services

In a dynamic digital environment organizations and professionals who serve a broad spectrum of user communities with different backgrounds, interests, and purposes are finding the need to provide highly targeted information very quickly to customers, suppliers, and employees.

Outsourcing this high end process provide 40-60 per cent cost saving for the clients.

It involves processes that include:

Database Publishing

This service helps to create highly personalized documents quickly and efficiently using computer databases and programmed documents or templates.

Data Cleansing

This process involves refining and standardizing data files that have been merged from different databases.

Database Management Services

On-line shopping

By centralizing information in a database the entire products range can be displayed on the Internet. This helps customers to shop and order on-line.

Data Enhancement

In this process the service of experienced professionals is used to identify valuable information that can be used to enhance the efficiency of the client’s sales and marketing, planning, strategy, and other functions. By employing advanced statistical methodologies internal data is categorized and segmented to make it more useful. Finally the enriched data is integrated into the client’s current databases or management information systems.

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