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Outsourcing gives profitable solutions for software programming & application development, Internet technologies, database administration, operating system installation & maintenance, wireless technologies and other software and technology services.
Many areas of software and technology services are outsourced

System programming
Some of the programming languages in which work is outsourced are: ? Statically-typed languages. For example, C, C++ or Java ? Dynamically-typed languages. For example, Objective-C, Lisp, JavaScript, Tcl, etc. ? Strongly typed languages. For example, Ada, ML and Python

Software Tools
A variety of software tools to be outsourced are:
Top Management Functions:
Tools for top management functions include ERP or SAP
Industry Specific Functions:
For example, gene-finding tools, building (construction) software tools or psychology software tools is highly beneficial for professionals in associated fields
Other Functions:
For example, development software tools available for systems and software modeling, software tools that spy on your office Internet activities, etc.
Software Applications
Some of the software applications that are outsourced include:

  • Payroll software application
  • Airline reservation software application
  • Online order processing tool or sales reporting software application
  • Video Editing software application
  • Patent pending application
  • Animation software application, and much more…

You will find a match for every software and technology requirement from outsourcing service providers.

Database administration
You can get outsourcing solutions for a majority of database administration requirements. Some of them are:

  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle, the list goes on and so do the solution providers

Systems administration services
These are integral to every organization. As the size of the firm increases, so does the systems administration requirements. Windows 2000, NT or XP, Linux or Solaris, you can get your perfect pick of installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, updating or controlling solutions from outsourcing service providers.

Wireless technology solutions
A clutter free environment —- wireless mouse, printer, PC, keyboard, laptops, mobile systems —- WTP, J2ME, MIDP, CLDC, K virtual machine —- Bluetooth, wireless messaging —- discover the various unparalleled benefits of adopting wireless solutions.

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