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Delivering Digital Excellence
Interactive Marketing Communications Strategy
From the definition of a client’s brand to what motivates the purchaser, we validate that every form of marketing communication will drive home the premium value of your brand.

Digital Brand Development
The Digital Brand Strategy represents a customer’s collective brand experience in the digital world. Through the mix of brand, technology and usability, the Digital Brand Experience becomes the interface between a company’s products and services and its audience(s).

User Experience
User Experience encompasses all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products. In order to achieve high-quality user experience in a company’s offerings, there must be a seamless merging of the audiences, services of multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design.

Web Site Design and Development
Virtual Xcellence begins by building your online strategy and defining the Information Architecture. We develop the visual design concept and develop the site to build an experience that will cause a reaction. We have experience helping build unique strategies for our client’s Extranet, Intranet and Portal.

Interactive Media Applications
Utilizing our core interactive expertise, Virtual Xcellence develops unique application to build one-on-one communications to foster new relationships.

Database Marketing Intelligence
Having extensive Database Management expertise, Virtual Xcellence helps client collect, report and track information.

Custom Applications
To further support your investment, our custom solutions deliver business value that isn’t available off the shelf. Our clients often request unique solutions. Virtual Xcellence provides one-of-a-kind solutions to help reduce costs, improve productivity, self-service clients or improve business intelligence.

Online Marketing
Search Engine optimization – a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a Web site in search engine listings – is critical for increasing that Web site’s quantity and quality of traffic. To obtain maximum search engine visibility, Virtual Xcellence first understands how the target audience seeks actual information on search engines, then develops and implements a strategy to optimize the match between the searcher and site content.

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